fishing guide Olle Vixner Hübinette
"To deliver the highest quality
and hosting is the most fun I know"

Who are you Olle?

I grew up by Orsasjön and have had fishing as my biggest leisure activity since my early teens.

It started with a wooden oak on Lake Orsasjön to advanced trolling boats that sailed on Lake Vänern / Vätern and the Baltic Sea. Since 2016 I live again in Orsa and have found my way back to the perch and pike fishing Since 2018, I run a fishing guide business with many satisfied guests.

What do you do otherwise?

In addition to fishing, I run the IT company which delivers It services in northern Dalarna. When I am not working with the above, I spend time with the family and take a tune on the violin. I am also a national fiddler.

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