fishing guide Olle Vixner Hübinette
"To deliver the highest quality
and hosting is the most fun I know"

Who are you Olle?

I grew up by Orsasjön and have had fishing as my biggest leisure activity since my early teens.

It started with a wooden oak on Lake Orsasjön to advanced trolling boats that sailed on Lake Vänern / Vätern and the Baltic Sea. Since 2016 I live again in Orsa and have found my way back to the perch and pike fishing Sedan 2018 så driver jag fiskeguideverksamhet med många nöjda gäster.

What do you do otherwise?

In addition to fishing, I run the IT company which delivers It services in northern Dalarna. When I am not working with the above, I spend time with the family and take a tune on the violin. I am also a national fiddler.

Fishing guide Mattias Heens
"The goal to succeed in giving the customer a great day on the lake with the hope of a bigger pike in the arms"

Who are you?

My name is Mattias Heens and I live in Bonäs, near Orsasjön

How did your interest in fishing start?

I have been interested in fishing since I was a little boy, I took the bike to target perch and throw for pike from land, then ice hockey took over. When the skates were put on the shelf, it became fishing for all the money.

What are you focusing your fishing on today?

99% of my fishing time I am on the lake fishing for larger pike and perch.

What else do you do in your spare time and work?

I work as a painter today, in my spare time I fish and spend time with my family and animals.

What are your expectations of being a fishing guide?

The goal is to succeed in giving the customer a great day on the lake with the hope of a bigger pike in the arms

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